TENWOMENSTRONG is a purpose-driven community helping women lead in all realms of their personal and professional life.

We believe that every woman is talented, wise, and powerful.

 Our mission is to help women understand where they are on their individual journey
and offer tools, training, and encouragement
to help them achieve what is most important
to them in life

 We believe there is a limitless supply of joy when leading your life on purpose.

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Do you aspire to live your life fully?

Our consortium of women coaches and consultants are committed to women’s personal and professional leadership. They bring an expansive array of expertise in individual and organizational development skills and provide our clients with customized programs to deliver “whole-person” growth.

TENWOMENSTRONG brings together subject-matter experts with a passion for living their life purpose. We provide an intimate, customized experience for every client. 

In addition to the group programs listed below, we offer personalized, one-to-one coaching from top-notch women professionals.

How can we help you lead your life on purpose?

TENWOMENSTRONG is a consortium of women business leaders with successful track records in the corporate world and as entrepreneurs.  We are committed to helping other women succeed beyond their wildest dreams and we have joined together to help YOU.


Chief EnJOYment Officer 

Women leaders are our future and Carolyn’s focus is meeting women where they are and providing them with the tools, training and support to lead their life on purpose.

Carolyn is the owner and founder of TENWOMENSTRONG — a certified woman-owned global coaching and consulting organization.


Agile Coaching Expert

Raise your voice. Expand your influence. Lead with impact.

Lyssa is a strong supporter of women in the Agile community. As part of the TENWOMENSTRONG coaches and co-leaders consortium, Lyssa offers special opportunity to strengthen and lead with impact. 


Career Transition Expert

Create clarity and confidence. Find focus. Move forward.

Whether you are seeking your next opportunity or looking to become a solopreneur, Catherine provides special events and coaching opportunities with TENWOMENSTRONG.


Chief Joy Officer
Discover your purpose. Unleash your joy. 

TENWOMENSTRONG supports women to live their life on purpose. Patrice is an expert in helping individuals and organizations discover and actively “live” or “operationalize” their purpose to unleash greater success, fulfillment and joy in their personal lives, workplaces and communities

Want to learn more about Group Programs and Individual Coaching?

What are women saying about their experience?


“I am more aligned with my purpose. Kick started desires and dreams. The power of having support and encouragement when you are self-employed. Being around people that talk the same language -- you get things DONE. And the perspectives of other women from around the world”



“The experience of participating in this program awakened not only the power of women, it also provided a toolbox of skills that I will use throughout life to help me live purposefully. Carolyn’s support and embrace has forever changed my life as a woman.”

TENWOMENSTRONG Corporate Leadership Program


“There is nothing like a sisterhood of women journeying together. If you don't have a community of women that you can brainstorm with, be REAL with, and take action, TenWomenStrong is essential.
Make time.
Find the money.

TENWOMENSTRONG Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Statement

TENWOMENSTRONG programs are for cis- or transfeminine women. In other words, if you identify as a woman, are non-binary or gender non-conforming, and feel good about being in a circle with women, we welcome you with open arms!
We are dedicated to inclusive equality for all women - across race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs and political affiliation. We know there is much work to do. We are committed to doing our part - listening, reading, learning, volunteering, donating, voting, supporting and raising the voices of those most silenced among us. 
We grieve together, and we rise together.
We are the leaders the world needs now.
We lead life on purpose. 
We believe in women helping women.
We know we are stronger together.

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