Our coaches bring their years of experience and personal passion to help you succeed at leading your life on purpose.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a professional partnership between a qualified coach and a client(s) in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

It supports the achievement of extraordinary results, based on goals set by the client(s). Through the process of coaching, individuals focus on the skills and actions needed to successfully produce their personally relevant results. 

Our group of women coaches bring you years of experience and a strong array of successful tools. We are dedicated to providing you with an experience that delivers “whole-person” growth. 


Are you ready to move in a direction that fulfills YOU?

Our coaches are committed to YOU! Each coach brings an expansive array of expertise and a passion for helping you to succeed.


How about you don't have to be all things to all people? Or be #1 at anything? Or spin in confusion?

What if you healed the parts that needed healing and strengthened the parts that want to flourish?

What if you knew you were enough? What if your life brought you joy, sustenance, and abundance? 

What if your mind, body and spirit felt strong? What if you simply lead your life? On purpose?

What if you were supported on the journey with an a.c.e. co-pilot? How about we start right now?

Hello -- I am Carolyn Dragon, the CEO (Chief Enjoyment Officer) of the most important business, my life. If you are looking to build up your strength, create greater meaning and impact in your life, I have the tools for you.

My most successful clients arrive with a willingness to gain greater self awareness and input to their current situation. They want to express their full authentic and creative self in the world. By digging in and learning more about themselves, they find deeper meaning in purpose in their life. Together we map out a plan and create steps to get there. 

You are a dynamic and inspiring woman. It's time to Lead Your Life ON PURPOSE!



I’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing that I wanted to do. - Georgia O'Keefe

TENWOMENSTRONG brings together circles of women to lead their life on purpose. We build our strength and power from fully realizing our potential in each of the TEN realms of our life and in doing so become more of who we are and more dynamic and inspiring.

About Our Process

      Step One: Start Authentically

We begin with authenticity. Who are you? What is going on in the situation? What is really there? Probe, pull back and examine to understand what is. Dive into awareness and understanding that goes beyond the superficial review or analysis. Be in touch with your values. Let go of the processed, educated, socialized, industrialized and certified self and embrace the authentic YOU. This is your foundation.

Step Two: Explore Creatively

Creative endeavor is nourishment for your purposeful life. Only from a foundation of authenticity are we able to truly build and create. Open yourself up to possibilities. Reignite your flame of inspiration through creative endeavors. Explore ‘What if?’ Color outside the lines. Gain new perspectives, new methods, new opportunities. Flourish by being creatively ALIVE.

Step Three: Live Expressively

Live expressively means to put it out there. To lead a life on purpose means to MAKE IT HAPPEN. It takes focus, prioritization, accountability, and responsibility. It is not enough to know who you are and to have a great idea, an amazing solution, an abundance of talent and ambition -- you must confidently and courageously live it OUT LOUD!

In addition to the A. C. E. Process, I will provide you with additional resources, homework and tools to help you overcome obstacles and succeed along your unique path

This IS for you IF:

  • You are ready to step into your life — fully, authentically. (Honestly, where else is there to go?!)
  • You VALUE yourself and value the opportunity to be supported in a powerful 1-to-1 relationship to serve your highest and best
  • You want clarity, direction, accountability in (certain aspects of) your life.
  • You are willing to lean into your creative spirit — reignite your flame and fan the flame of others.
  • You are willing to prioritize YOU and your commitment to leading your best life on purpose.

This is NOT for you IF:

  • You want the magic pill or the magic partner or the magic job.
  • Your aim is perfection or the perception of perfection at a cost of being fully yourself.
  • You are unwilling to step out of your comfort zone.
  • You don’t have the TIME to be YOU — your plate is too full to nourish YOU.
  • Your distractions are more enticing than being awake and consciously living your best life. 

Why This Matters To Me

As your personal and professional leadership coach, I put my strengths to work for you.

  • I provide comfort and stability as we navigate uncertainty. Helping you find the connections, meaning and purpose in your everyday life.
  • I offer you new perspectives to try on. Opening up new possibilities, ideas, and strategies. We explore “what if” and “how to”, creating powerful plans and expressions of your true, authentic self.
  • I am a catalyst for your transformation — in service of your highest and best. Holding you accountable, providing the support, inspiration, and resources to move ahead in your life — confidently and on purpose.
  • I am committed to your success -- 100% confidential and dedicated to helping you to navigate and lead your life on purpose.

I am a  poet and a passion and occasionally a bit of wisdom 

Women today are faced with many challenges.

I bring both corporate leadership experience and entrepreneurial expertise. I believe in you and want to help you achieve your dreams. With a limited schedule, I am offer a unique one-to-one coaching program -- with that, you'll receive poetry (obviously!), strengths, an occasional piece of wisdom, devotion to your agenda, and, most importantly, the A.C.E. pause that will help YOU lead your life on purpose -- at a TEN!

Curious to find out more? Connect to chat.



CEO - Chief Enjoyment Officer

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Are you living your most satisfying, fulfilling and joyful life?

Do you want to navigate challenging times in a more “productive” and “positive way” AND equip yourself with a “competitive advantage” that will help you in business and life?

Would you like to be more “inner-directed” rather than at the mercy of whatever is happening externally that may distract and derail you from accomplishing what is most important in life?

If so, consider individual coaching with Patrice Tanaka, who can help you discover your life and leadership purpose so you can live your most satisfying, fulfilling and joyful life. 

Aloha – I am Patrice Tanaka and I believe in the “power” of purpose to focus and drive us to accomplish what matters most in life in a highly efficient way.

Mark Twain once said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” The “why” of your life, or your purpose, is about how you will leverage your talents, expertise and passion in service of other people and our planet.

I will work with you to discover your all-important “why” so you can begin to more actively live it and accomplish what matters most in your one very brief and precious life.

Patrice Tanaka


A woman who walks in purpose doesn't have to chase people or opportunities, her light causes people and opportunities to pursue her. - Anne Nwakama

To live our purpose means living with intention. The “why” you were born, or your life’s purpose, is about how you will leverage your talents, expertise and passion in service of others and our planet. It is the reason you bounce out of bed every day ready for action. And it is the unique way you contribute to the world.

About Our Process

We begin with an introductory call. We discuss where you are on your journey and I provide you with information about the process and answer any of your questions.

After our call, I will send you the My Life Purpose questionnaire I developed to help people think through the questions that will help them discover their life and leadership purpose. This questionnaire is a deep dive into your authentic self. You will reflect on your dreams as a young child to the defining moments in your life to your present-day aspirations.  Your responses to the My Life Purpose questionnaire will inform the work we do together. I recommend my clients take time, uninterrupted and in a comfortable place to work through the questions.

When you have completed the My Life Purpose questionnaire, which will guide you in writing the “first iteration” of your life purpose statement, you will send it to me. I will review your responses and your initial life purpose statement and recommend how it might be restated more powerfully in a way that is accurate, inspiring and galvanizing to you.  These are the hallmarks of what I believe to be the hardest-driving, hardest-working life purpose statements.

Once we “finalize” your purpose statement via email, we will speak for about an hour.  During that time, I will answer any questions you may have and we can brainstorm some initial thoughts on how you might begin to actively live your life and leadership purpose.

Our work together could end here or, if you’d like to "try it on" and explore living your purpose in your personal and professional life, we can schedule a follow up session. If you like, I can also work with you to co-create a Purpose-driven Personal Life Plan.

Writing our goals and objectives can be very powerful in focusing and driving us to achieve what we want in life. Moreover, assigning deadlines to our goals and objectives makes them even more powerful.

A fully articulated Purpose-driven Personal Life Plan is an aid in helping you to more fully and actively live your life’s purpose.  Developing such a written plan might take another three to four hours with your input. 

Why This Matters To Me

The most important thing I ever did for myself was to discover my life purpose 20 years ago.  Since then, I have been living my purpose – “To choose joy, to be mindful of joy, and to share joy with others” – and it has produced unimaginable success, fulfillment and joy in my personal life, workplaces and communities.  This is why, after a decades-long career in PR & Marketing, where I co-founded three award-winning agencies, I decided to start the consultancy, Joyful Planet LLC, focused on “life purpose” and “organizational purpose,” to help others unleash the power of purpose.

Joyful Planet is also my vision of 7.9 billion people living their purpose and leveraging their talents, expertise and passion in service of other people and our planet.

I would love to help you discover your life and leadership purpose and leverage your talents, expertise and passion to help you achieve what matters most and, in doing so, help create an even more joyful planet.



Chief Joy Officer

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Does your career feel like a ball in a pinball machine, bouncing from one job opportunity to another without much of a plan? 

Are you currently working in a situation that doesn’t really fit who you are anymore?

So many of us just followed opportunities throughout our career. While this may have worked out well at certain points, you may find yourself thinking, is this all there is?

Or, you may be great at what you do, but the joy is gone, and you know you need a change - but have no idea what your options might be.

Hello -- I am Catherine Morgan. It’s hard to think though options on your own because you only know what you (or someone close to you) has personally experienced.

If you’re in career confusion or career transition, having a conversation with a professional might be the thing you need to stop spinning and get moving forward toward what’s right for you right now.

The pandemic may have changed your personal situation or severely impacted your industry.

You may have “golden handcuffs” that you would like to slip out of.

You may want to be a fractional executive or do consulting and have no idea how to get started.

Catherine Morgan


I’ve learned that making a "living" is not the same thing as "making a life" - Maya Angelou

Your life's work is to use your unique skills, expertise and talent in service of others. In doing so, you will enjoy your greatest success, fulfillment and joy. And you will help create a joyful experience of work for your colleagues, too.  

I support you in creating a more productive, satisfying and rewarding work life experience.

About Our Process

We begin with an introductory call. We discuss where you are and how my process may be just what you need to move forward.

If we agree to work together, I will send you information to begin your PurposeFULL Career Transition Planning and an appointment for a 75-minute call (preferably no more than one week later). This deadline will help us successfully move forward.

Our call will be a deep dive strategy session. I will provide you with...and you will commit ....

The output will be a strong, fully articulated PurposeFULL Career Transition Plan. 

From there, you will have the option to join one of my ongoing "Get It Done" work groups for additional support and feedback.

Why This Matters To Me

I am a career transition expert with over 12 years of experience helping driven professionals just like you think through their right next steps. 

The Great Resignation is the Great Re-Evaluation time. 

My clients are typically professionals in financial services, professional services, or technology.

Helping women lead their life on purpose is my passion. Let's talk about the possibilities for you to lead your life on purpose.



Career Transition Expert

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Is this for me?

  • You are a leader with a significant scope of responsibility.
  • You are involved in transformation and change inside your organization and you have a host of skills at your disposal.
  • You are already successful in your work, and yet
    • the approaches and skills that used to work aren’t having the same impact.
    • the nature of the challenges you face are different than they used to be. They’re more confounding, less clear.
    • there are those times when you just don’t know what to do.
  • Some days you may even feel like you are in over your head.

If any of this resonates with you, it’s a good time to get Lyssa as your coach and mentor.

Hello -- I am Lyssa Adkins. My current focus is improving the performance of top leadership teams through insightful facilitation and organization systems coaching.

Making difficult decisions faster and with clear alignment, unknotting challenging multi-department impediments, creating the conditions for smooth organizational delivery, helping leaders take up the “Agile transformation” that is theirs to make…this is where I thrive and help thrive.

My Agile community focus is amplifying women’s voices, which is why I am a founder of the TENWOMENSTRONG #WomeninAgile programs.

Lyssa Adkins


We practice mastering ourselves in the moment so that we can better open ourselves to being a servant leader and to harness our emotions and choose what to do with our reactions. - Lyssa Adkins

What are the benefits?

  • The leader moves swiftly towards their goals and overcomes challenges along the way.
  • The leader increases their inner and outer game to genuinely work with complexity.
  • The leader enjoys a greater impact and gets more of what they want for themselves and their organization.
  • The leader becomes an example of how to thrive in complexity which increases their ability to grow this same capacity in their organization.

About Our Process

Lyssa will coach & mentor a leader one-on-one for six months.

In that time, the leader’s specific goals will be in hyper-focus. Time is of the essence!

To make the most of the time, Lyssa will custom-design a program to advance the leader’s goals.

Lyssa will offer her expertise in change, transformation, coaching, strategy, adult development and more.

Lyssa will offer her coaching skill to assist the leader in overcoming their inner obstacles and limiting beliefs.

Lyssa will guide the leader through receiving the most impactful 360 assessment of one’s leadership, The Leadership Circle™.

Throughout the program, the leader will acquire…

…models and tools for seeing complex issues more holistically.

…inner insight and cognitive development that broadens the leader’s sense-making and increases their complexity of mind.

As a result, the leader will improve their ability to work with with the confounding, complex challenges facing them today and they will specifically see what is holding back their impact. With these powerful thinking-tools and awarenesses on board, the leader will be in position to swiftly move toward their goals.

Why This Matters To Me

My career has been dedicated to making a difference in the lives of people through Agile transformation. As a woman, I understand the challenges we face in the industry we serve. 

I am determined to:

#1 - Show up

#2 - Use my talents and skills

I want other women to do the same. Why? I feel it is imperative we show up in our life and deliver the best of who we are -- it is both our birthright and our responsibility.

It takes courage, understanding and a willingness to try -- and try again.

My purpose in my life is to is to change the way people think about how they work. My happy place is helping people, teams and whole organizations move from stuck to possibilities. Are you ready to get moving?



Agile & Leadership Team Coach

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More Information on TENWOMENSTRONG Coaching

  • Every coaching program begins with an introductory call via phone or Zoom. Our coaches are dedicated to the work they do. They have limited availability, however, they are willing to work with you to find a convenient time for the initial chat.
  • During your call you will have an opportunity to discuss your situation, questions and learn more about the process. Your coach will provide you with logistical details for receiving materials, scheduling future sessions, etc.
  • We are committed to giving back with every forward action. As we become stronger and express ourselves in the world, a sister organization is supported as well. A portion of your coaching fees will be donated to support women around the world through our Circle of Generosity.
  • All coaching programs and packages must be used within 12 months of purchase. After 12 months, unused sessions expire.
    Coaching packages are non-refundable and non-transferable.

  • The coaches at TENWOMENSTRONG have extensive expertise and knowledge. They are committed to women leading their life on purpose. And their time is limited and valuable. If you must cancel, please provide 24 hours advance notice.

More questions? Reach out: Contact us

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